Our Program

St. Rose Catholic School educates students in Preschool through 8th grade. Affiliated with St. Rose Church, it was the first parochial school in Santa Rosa. We are currently serving a third generation of families in the Catholic community!

Our subject-based curriculum focuses on religion, language arts, math, science, art, music, social studies, physical education, and technology. Catholic values, doctrine and morality permeate our school day. Prayer takes place throughout the day and religion is taught as a core academic subject.  

Many extracurricular activities and service opportunities are available to students.  We also have a preschool and daycare center.

You are invited to see our program in action firsthand on a school tour.  Please call us to schedule yours.

Program highlights

  • a nurturing school environment that is child-centered and family sensitive
  • a caring faculty and staff who value the dignity of each child
  • credentialed Catholic educators committed to educating the whole person and meeting the individual needs of every student
  • religious truths and values are integrated across the curriculum
  • a wide variety of extra-curricular activities with abundant opportunities for student leadership
  • onsite counseling and resource specialist services
  • standardized test scores that are consistently high
  • fine arts program including opportunities in visual arts, performing arts, music, and band
  • fully accredited by WCEA/WASC
  • active parent participation and strong community spirit 

Program Details

Academic Excellence

St. Rose is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Western Catholic Education Association.  Our teachers are experienced, credentialed professionals. Their commitment to developing the whole child allows for strong curriculum continuity along with academic and emotional support for each learner.   Most of our graduates leave St. Rose reading several years above grade level and are proficient with Common Core math standards.   In addition to a well-rounded curriculum that includes reading, math, English, spelling, social studies, science, physical education, art, music and Spanish, students are also instructed in the tenets of the Catholic faith.  Catholic/Christian morality permeates our school day, and is best summarized in the first line of our school’s philosophy –  “God loves each of us and our loving response to God leads to a more fulfilling life.”  Students also attend Mass at school once a month.

Technology-Inspired Instruction

Students begin using computers in Kindergarten. The media teacher provides instruction aimed at increasing productivity on the computer.   There are sets of Chromebooks that can be used in the classrooms and each 7th and 8th grader is provided with a MacBook Air laptop.  Upper grade students become proficient in using Google Workspace tools to research, create, and manage their assignments.  Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards, laser projectors, document cameras, and sound systems.

School Uniform

TK-Eighth grade students of SRCS dress for success and have the honor of wearing a traditional Catholic School uniform. Students are expected to be clean and neat in their personal appearance, observing standards of modesty and moderation.

Parents / Guardians, who send their children to SRCS, accept the judgment of the administration as final in matters of school policies, including dress code for an elementary school environment.  Uniform infractions will affect a student’s Effort and/or Conduct grade on the report card and will become part of the student’s official record.

Uniform dress code, requirements and purchasing information is provided to parents at the time of acceptance.

Leadership Opportunities

We believe that every child can be a leader. There are a wide variety of opportunities for our students to develop this potential.  Students have jobs within their classrooms and many students have extra responsibilities such as maintaining the school marquee, raising the flag, and preparing the gym for music class.  We have a very active Student Council that provides service to the school, leads morning assemblies, and provide monthly fun days.   Students also hold positions of leadership on their sports teams, in the Spring Musical, and in the Science Lab.

Extra-Curricular Enrichment

St. Rose offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including after school sports, and Spanish.  The YMCA runs our extended daycare program which is open until 6:00 PM each evening.

Spirit of Community

St. Rose students learn in the midst of a Catholic faith community where faculty, staff, students and parents know and care for each other.  We insist that our students use good manners and treat each other with kindness and respect.  At St. Rose, everybody knows your name and children do not “slip through the cracks.”