Faculty and Staff

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Pastor: Rev. Michaelraj Philominsamy

Principal: Kathleen Aymar – stroseprincipal@sonic.net


OFfice Staff

Office Manager KC Paul     k_paul@sonic.net
Receptionist/Office Assistant Carol Barnaby   c_barnaby@sonic.net
Business Manager Anne Devlin   strosebusiness@sonic.net

Teaching Staff


Kindergarten: Melanie Haley – m_haley@sonic.net
First Grade Lindsey Mueller – l_mueller@sonic.net
Second Grade Michelle Swenson-Aguirre – m_swensonaguirre@sonic.net
Third Grade Caroline Dumanovsky – c_dumanovsky@sonic.net
Fourth Grade Amy Parsons- 
Fifth Grade Ron Hill – r_hill@sonic.net
Sixth Grade Marika Dueck – m_dueck@sonic.net
Seventh Grade Kathleen Aymar – k_aymar@sonic.net
Eighth Grade Elisabeth Bertero – e_bertero@sonic.net




Media Specialist / Library Director Carla Flaherty – c_flaherty@sonic.net
Music / Theater Director        Gloria Verse –    g_verse@sonic.net
Science Dave Laurice – d_laurice@sonic.net
Math    Marika Dueck – m_dueck@sonic.net
Math Specialist    

Austin Calos –  a_calos@sonic.net

Marika Dueck – / Carla Flaherty

School Resource Specialist

 Jessica Marshallj_marshall@sonic.net

Ciceley Tunde-Clay  –  c_tunde-claye@sonic.net

Athletic Director  KC. Paul – kc_q@yahoo.com
PE Teacher/Yard Duty Coordinator  Austin Calos

Teacher’s Assistants:

Kindergarten Tiffany Gardner
First Grade Celeste Tunde-Claye
Second Grade Cathy Kemper
Third Grade Sally Grigg
Fourth Grade Anne Sweeney
Fifth Grade Amy Schettler
Sixth Grade Jennifer Mauch


Preschool Teaching Staff:

Director/Teacher Claudia Oseguera  – srpredirector@sonic.net
Tami Loughner
Preschool Teacher’s Assistants: Susan Sharp
After School Care: Contracted with YMCA (By Registration Only) (707) 544-1829