Did you graduate from St. Rose School?  We’d love to hear from you and let you know what is happening here at the school.  Email us and send us your name, address, and email address so that we can keep in touch with you!

We value and appreciate the relationship we have with our alumni, and we are constantly working to maintain those relationships.  We are proud of what our former students have accomplished here and outside the halls of St. Rose.


From time to time, former students like to come back to St. Rose and visit the school, teachers, and/or students, and we encourage our alumni to come back and stay in touch.  If you are a former student and would like to come back and visit St. Rose, give us a call to arrange a visit!


Care to help St. Rose School educate its next generation of students or make a donation to our endowment fund?  Simply drop off in our office or mail to the school.

We appreciate your help with this and we look forward to seeing and visiting with you in the near future.